Kanye West x Spike Jonze

Here’s a short film made by Spike Jonze where Kanye West is the protagonist. The tittle is based off a Kanye songs which is titled ” See You In My Nightmares”, during the movie you can hear the song playing on the background and there is where a drunk of champagne Kanye starts doing his thing .

The short film is a little weird and confusing at the beginning but the ending is good, seems to be inspired by the movie “Where The Wild Things Are”. Anyway check it  out here- Vimeo.com

Aqui esta una peque-a pelicula  hecha por Spike Jonze donde el protagonista es Kanye West. El titulo esta basado en la cancion de Kanye que lleva el nombre de “See You In My Nightmares” , durante la pelicula se escucha la cancion atras y hay es donde Kanye empieza hacer lo suyo ah.

Es algo rara y al principio confunde un poco pero el final es algo diferente y al  parecer es insipirado por la pelicula “Where The Wild Things Are”. Ya no digo mas nada veanlo ustedes mismos- Vimeo.com


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