In the streets

This thursday I wen to the mall with a couple of friends looking to buy some cloth.  I went into all of the men clothes stores in the mall(not many in this particullar mall) just looking around but dint find anything interesting.  So we eated something and decided to take one last look…

This one shoes caught my attention but the color dint convince me…ooh well I ended up buying them anyways

And today I found this jacket that caught my attention instantly:

It has a nice low price tag  and it looks damn good to me.  The only problem is that I dont know if to buy it black or blue.


El jueves fuy al mall con unos amigos buscano algo que comprar. Entre a todas las tiendas que tienen ropa de hombre(que en Plaza son muy pocas) mirando y luego de verlas todas no habia nada interesante. Fuy a comer y volvi. En una de las tiendas tenian unos zapatos en una esquina casi escondidos y aunque el color no me convencia mucho termine comprandolos.

Y hoy chequiando mas ropa online encontre este jacket.

Tiene un buen precio y ya estoy casi seguro que lo comprare, la pregunta ahora es si lo cojo en azul o negro.


One Response to “In the streets”

  1. Nelson Andre Says:

    Definitively the blue one : )

    The Black one is pretty and goes
    literally with everything but
    the blue one its kind,you can
    appreciate the details better,it looks a little
    more expensive and unique than the black one
    at least thats my opinion,both are hot anyways.
    ; )

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