Wildfox Couture

I was cheking Wildfox Couture site and decided to write about their 2009 collection, I was flickering trough their photoshoots which I loved because of its vampire theme. I started writing and finished quickly , just before posting it I decided to checkt their blog for one last time.. and boom there it was, they posted their next collection of cloth.

Hoy estaba viendo el site de Wildfox Couture y decidi que hiba escribir sobre una de sus colleciones, empeze a ver su collecion fall 2009 y su photoshooting con el tema de vampiros me gusto mucho. Me motive a escribir y exactamente antes de ponerlo decidi chequiar por ultima vez su blog….. y pusieron su proxima collecion.

Like past collections simples but attractive designs are dominate this collection. You can see that their also into the animal print stuff  using some leopard.

Dise-os simples y comodos pero atractivos dominan esta nueva colecion.  Tambien usaron mucho el animal print de leopard.

If you want to see some of their past stuff you can go to wildfoxcouture.com. You are gonna love their other stuff is all niche comfy cloth 🙂

Si quieren ver esta y sus otras colecciones vallan a wildfoxcouture.com .Vean sus pasadas colecciones todas son igual de buenas..


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