The Brooklyn Circus

I was cheking some Varsity Jackets at the Hypebeast forums and one of the user posted this one and it caught my attention

He said that it was made by a Brooklyn native brand called The Brooklyn Circus and that it was 100% handmade. I was captivated by it so I went hunting for more information about the brand, their past collections and whats about to come up next.

After looking at their blog and stylebook I was hooked up with BKC. Not only do I love their varsity jackets, there is this one jacket from their Spring 2009 collection that I feel like I must buy ….now!

I want it ASAP! but im not sure if they still have it around in their store or how much its priced at. Ooh and after looking at their preview of their Fall 2009 collection Im pretty sure I will like it too and so will you 🙂

Check out their site at

PS. This will be one of the store I will visit when I go to NYC on December 🙂

Estaba chequiando algunos Varsity Jackets en el foro de y uno de los usuarios puso unos que me llamaron mucho la atencion.

Son dise-ados por The Brooklyn Circus, una compa-ia nativa de New York y  que toda la ropa que vende es 100% hecha a mano, los mismos que la dise-an la hacen y la venden en la tienda. Me gustaron tanto que decidi buscar mas informacion sobre la tienda y entre a su website.

Luego de ver su blog y su Stylebook  quiero mas que un varsity jacket de ellos. No solo los varsity jackets me gustaro, si no que tambien la ropa de la collecion anterior me gusto mucho y aunque aun no han ense-ado totalmente la linea para el invierno , dejandome llevar por el preview que pusieron en su blog se que me va gustar.

Chequen su ropa en –


2 Responses to “The Brooklyn Circus”

  1. Davelyn Says:

    te felicito se nota que sabes de la materia.
    mui buen blog 😉

  2. Estrella Says:

    Oooh wow this clothes kill hoes!!

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